Cookie Rush Kingdom Cookies

Brian Nelson
2 min readJan 13, 2022

Who are the best cookies in Cookie Rush: Kingdom, and why in the world should a middle-aged, suburban dad care?

Like most everything in my life, the answer is “my kids.”

My oldest talked the younger one into playing so that he could send free gifts. Of course, I wanted to help too. You can’t just send free gifts though. You have to achieve a certain level before you can connect with friends, and you can only send gifts to friends.

Fast forward and I’m building a tiny little town and making wood, and jelly beans, and all of the usual supplies, but this time turned into cookie stuff. In fact, it isn’t wood, it’s Roll Cake Wood.

I recognize the game. It plays a bit like League of Legends. Choose five cookies. Send them into battle. See how the battle goes. They sort of auto-fight. You can control their powers, but you are basically firing them off as quickly as you can, which is the same thing the app does if you leave it on auto mode.

What I actually care about lately is which of these cookies are the best? They are ranked by a dubious Power rating that doesn’t necessarily correspond to how they do in battle. The degree of difficulty is each cookie comes with a unique special power that helps them attack, defend, or heal.

It doesn’t really matter except that at this point it takes a long time to earn enough “experience jellies” to level up any one character, so you don’t want to be wasting it.

In the beginning I could tell who were the best cookies by seeing the ones that outranked others in Power even if they were a lower level. For example, I have a Level 42 Sorbet Shark Cookie that outranks the Level 46 Cotton Cookie. So, in theory, Sorbet Shark is a better cookie, but Cotton Cookie heals cookies during battle and summons sheep (I’m not kidding) to aid in battle.

There are websites, of course, but I’m not here for a deep dive or a lot of research. I just want to know if I should level up this new Mango Cookie I got or not.

Brian is a freelance writer and work from home dad. When he isn’t procrastinating on all of the things he should be doing, he cranks out quality web content marketing and tries to learn how to be as creative in the graphic space as he can be with words. He got an iPad Air for Christmas and is still trying to do the most basic things, like putting a Cookie Rush Cookie’s head on a different picture to create an inside joke for his kids.



Brian Nelson

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